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Jackie Burant, Chief Instructor

Ratings and Endorsements: CFI, CFII +3000 total time +2500 dual given

Jackie caught the flying bug after her first introductory flight in Ohio in 1999. By Fall of 2003 she moved to Florida where she attended and then graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor's of Science in Aeronautical Science and as a Commercial ASEL, AMEL; CFI and CFII. She taught for over 3 years in the Daytona Beach area then relocated to Colorado and began working at WAFA. Jackie has a passion for flying and teaching, so stop by the school - she'd love to meet you and share in her love of flight!



Howard McClure, General Manager & Assistant Chief Pilot

Ratings and Endorsements: Instrument, Hi-Perf, Complex, Tailwheel Commercial Pilot, CFII w/ 5,008 PIC hrs (5 Multi, 25 Tailwheel), Mountain Flight Training Part 141/G1000 CFI, CFII, Cirrus Instructor

Howard started his flying career in 1973 at Cape Central Airways, Cape Girardeau, MO, received his private certificate in March of that year. He received his Instrument, Commercial, Advanced Ground Instructor, Flight Instructor and Instrument Flight Instructor in 1979. He then filled the position of Staff Instructor/Transport and Charter Pilot at that same facility. Howard has been a flight instructor and a check pilot airman with the Colorado Wing of the Civil Air Patrol since 1996, and has been an Instructor Pilot since 1993. He is certified to train CAP members in search and rescue operations in the Colorado Rockies, and conduct flight examinations in all phases of search and rescue in accordance with FAA and CAP regulations. our General Manager and Assistant Chief Instructor is Cessna factory Garmin G1000 qualified.




Matthew Fishback, Instructor

Ratings and Endorsements: Instrument, Multi, Hi-Perf, Complex, ATP, CFII-MEI w/ 2500 PIC hrs (1095 Multi)

Flying has been a passion for the past 15 years for Matt. He earned his Private Pilot at Airwest Flying Club in 1998. Attended Metro State College and graduated from the Professional Pilot Program at Delta Connection Academy in Orlando, Florida in 2003. Matt has been teaching people to fly for 6 years now and says he loves every minute of it. he is currently a Captain flying LearJets for International Jet Aviation of Denver and looks forward to owning his own Jet Charter Company in the near future.



Lou Jendras, Instructor

Ratings & Endorsements: Typed in EMB 120,BE1900/300, B737, A319/320ATP / CFIAIME Gold Seal / AGII / FE Turbojet, CFII, ATP,AGI, 22,300 hours + 4,000 dual given.

Lou Jendras soloed in 1968 in Peoria, IL. A flight instructor since 1976, he has attained ratings for airplane single and multi-engine land, instrument airplane, and advanced ground instructor - instrument. From 1979 to 1982 he served as chief flight instructor for Mt. Hawley aviation in Peoria, IL. Joining Britt Airlines in 1983, he flew Metroliner II and Beech 99 aircraft. Britt became Continental Express and Lou moved to mainline Continental where he acquired experience in the Boeing 727, 737, and McDonnell-Douglas MD-80. He retired from Continental in 2007 as B737 Captain. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with type ratings in Beech 1900/300, Brasilia EMB-120, Boeing 737, and Airbus A319/320, as well as Flight Engineer - turbojet. He has given almost 4,000 hours of flight instruction and holds the coveted Gold Seal on his certificate.



John Blum, Owner, New Attitude Aerobatics
Ratings and Endorsements:  CFI, Tailwheel, 5,500 Total, 4500 Dual Given
John runs New Attitude Aerobatics which is located within the Western Air building and specializes in instructing basic aerobatics, spins and tailwheel endorsements.   In 1988, John took a Pitts aerobatic adventure flight while visiting California.. He was so positively influenced by the experience that he immediately started working on his private pilots license and soon bought a Pitts aerobatic biplane.  Several years later he had obtained his commercial and CFI ratings and began sharing his passion for aerobatics with students. He is a believer in the motto “flying aerobatics makes you a better, safer pilot while having fun!” Contact John directly at his website   www.flyaerobatics.com



Justin Parrow, Aviation Mechanic


Justin was born in Vermont and was always tinkering on dirt bikes and power sports equipment as a teen so he knew he wanted to do something mechanical with with his life.  His parents pushed him into aviation and he absolutely loved it!  Justin got his A&P in 2005 and instantly started building experience.  He moved to Florida in 2006 and then to Colorado in 2008 and opened his company in June of 2010 and it has been growing tremendously since.  He loves working on aircraft and is excellent at it, and says that nothing gives him a greater sense of accomplishment then fixing a problem.  In his free time Justin enjoys riding motocross, hiking, camping and spending time in the mountains. www.rockymountainaircraftservices.com







Jon Payne, Vice-President/CFO

Ratings and Endorsements: Instrument, Multi, Hi-Perf, ComplexCommercial Pilot Single/Multi , CFII, MEI, AGI. IGI (700 PIC)

Jon joined Western Air in September 2007 as Vice President, Finance. He grew up in central Montana and has lived all over the US.  Jon has over 30 years of experience in Information Technology at the senior management level, and has worked for companies such as General Mills, PepsiCo, Sprint, and Wild Oats Markets.



Jim Burr, Vice-President

Ratings and Endorsements: Instrument, Hi-Perf, ComplexCommercial Pilot, CFI w/ 550 PIC hrs (5 Multi)

Jim Burr combines hands-on experience at the line management level with a comprehensive human resources and training background. Prior to becoming Vice- President of Western Air Flight Jim spent 5 years as president and CEO of Western Air Enterprises. Jim is an instrument rated commercial pilot, certified flight instructor and has served as a Lt. Col. in the Civil Air Patrol.

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