BE-76 Duchess – N371AK – $99,900

BE-76 Duchess – N371AK – $99,900

N371AK is the nicest Beechcraft Duchess around! This 1979 Beechcraft Duchess 76 has low engine times, new props and hubs, and comes equipped with a recent full Garmin Avionics stack.  The stack features a Garmin WAAS 530, Garmin GMA-340 audio panel, Garmin GDL-69, Garmin GTX-327 transponder, fully coupling autopilot and more.  This aircraft also features XM-Weather, a Zaon Traffic Avoidance system, Century III 2-axis Autopilot, and Unfeathering Accumulators.  Looking to build twin engine time, this is a great option not only because of the reasonable cost, but also because it is a well equipped, IFR aircraft capable of true IFR flight and time building.

Airplane Specifications

GPS  Garmin GNS-530W IFR WAAS Certified GPS/Nav/Com and G/S
  • Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel w/ 3-LMB & 6-Place Stereo Intercom
  • Garmin GDL-69 XM-Weather
  • Garmin GI-106A GPS/Nav indicator
  • GarminAT SL-30 Nav/Com and Glideslope
  • King KI-209 Nav indicator
  • Garmin GTX-327 Transponder
  • Collins TDR-950 ADF
  • Century III 2-axis Autopilot
Horsepower  180 HP X 2
Year  1979
Max. takeoff weight 3900 lbs
Fuel Capacity 100 gal
Useful Load 1321 lbs (view weight & balance)
Cruise Speed 150 65% power @ 8000 ft
Est. Range 780 nm
Service Ceiling 19,600ft
Full fuel payload: 631 lbs


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