N2112K – Piper Archer II – $124/wet

N2112K – Piper Archer II – $124/wet

This sharp Piper Archer II is an outstanding low-cost aircraft that offers safe flight characteristics and good performance. N2112K has a recent paint job, Garmin WAAS 430 and newly updated interior.


Airplane Specifications

GPS Garmin WAAS 430
  • KMA 20 TSO Audio Panel
  • Bendix/King 155 TSO Nav/Com
  • KT78A Transponder
  • 4-place intercom
Horsepower 180
Year 1978
Rate $124/wet
Max. takeoff weight 2550 lbs
Fuel Capacity 48 gal
Useful Load 950.6 lbs • view weight & balance
Cruise Speed 125 KTAS at 65% power at 10,000 ft
Est. Range 565 nm
Service Ceiling 14,150 ft
Full fuel payload: 662.6 lbs



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